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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Erin Clare gown

When wedding dress shopping you have so many options, strapless, cuffed sleeves, heart-shaped, ball gown, short, coloured and the list goes on. Choosing a wedding dress can leave you with a lot of decisions to make and this can be a stressful and frustrating task for the bride to be. Finding the perfect dress is a challenge for just about every bride. How can you find the perfect dress that will not only look stunning on you but will also look stunning in your wedding album? Consider these tips when you go looking for your dress.

4 Tips to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

Luna Willow Bridal gown

1. The silhouette

The first step to finding the perfect dress is first finding the perfect silhouette. You may have your heart set on a mermaid gown but your figure looks more stunning in an A-line. Before you decide what the perfect dress is, you want to try on a few different silhouettes and decide which is the most flattering for your figure.

Judy Copely Couture gown

2. The top of the dress

The top of your dress is what will get the most attention and is what will be seen in all your wedding photos. While the long train and hem may turn some heads it is the top of the dress that you really want the little details to shine through.

Away with the Faeries gown

3. Accessories

You want your accessories to enhance your beauty and draw a little extra attention, but you don't want them to take the spotlight. Keeping your accessories simple will allow you to stand out in the wedding photos as opposed to big flashy pieces that will immediately capture all the attention. Your veil, headpieces, earrings, and necklaces should be carefully chosen.

Wolff and Bone bridal gowns and Hair accessories. Avenue J Jewellery

4. Undergarments

Many brides and women, in general, underestimate the importance of a perfectly fitted bra. Before trying on dresses, stop at a lingerie shop and get fitted for the right bra. This will ensure everything is in place and stays there when you are trying on your dress. On the wedding day don't shy away from slimming undergarments either, as long as you feel comfortable the extra support can do wonders and can help slim down areas you want to hide.

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