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Womens empowerment Mentor

The tools you need to feel empowered in your photoshoot and life

Hello amazing woman, I am Jaya, the Founder of Empire Art Photography. I’m happy that you have found me here and I’m really excited for us to work together.

Being a beacon of resilience and inspiration in the world of photography and personal empowerment, is something I pride myself on. My passion is empowering extraordinary women like yourself through a unique blend of photography and 1-1 empowerment sessions.

When we work together you can expect a warm, friendly demeanour, and an aura that sparkles with positivity. 


My journey is one of remarkable strength and self-discovery. I am a breast cancer survivor who has just celebrated my 10-year anniversary, and I have transformed my health ordeal into a powerful narrative of triumph and self-acceptance. This story is not just about surviving; it's about thriving in what I call the "new normal" – a life filled with purpose, self-love, and renewed perspective.


My photography is more than just capturing images; it's a tool for healing and self-expression. I believe in the transformative power of the lens to reveal inner beauty, strength, and resilience. Alongside this, my 1-1 work is a beautiful compliment as I guide my clients towards confidence, self-love, positive self-talk, empowered beliefs and a thriving mindset.


What lights me up is being invited to share (at workshops and events) my personal health journey, the challenges I have faced, and how I have found myself as a woman amidst the turmoil. I speak about the power of resilience, the importance of self-care, and the joy of embracing life's second chances. My message is one of hope, empowerment, and the beauty of reinventing oneself.


 Above all, I am a living testament that all women can emerge stronger and more radiant from their challenges, armed with the power of self-belief and the magic of seeing themselves through a new lens. My story is not just mine; it's an invitation to every woman to embark on their own unique journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Empower Her : A Journey to Confident Transformation

Amazing woman, it's time to embrace what you have been through, so buckle up and come on an adventure with "Empower Her: A Journey to Confident Transformation"! 

You have been through a life changing experience to get to where you are today, and you deserve to feel like the Queen that you are.


Empower Her is a unique 4-week program where I coach & mentor you 1-1 to remember who you truly are, to gain back your confidence, to fall in love with yourself, and to start the next inspired chapter of your life.  This experience is all wrapped up in a pretty bow with an empowering, fun, and transformative photoshoot that will have you seeing yourself in a new and profoundly beautiful way.   


What you can expect during our time together is to:

- Master your thoughts and emotions with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Time Line Therapy® techniques.

- Step into a new world where confidence is your second nature.


-  Capture and celebrate your transformative journey through the art of photography.

Ready to see yourself in a new light? Let's make it happen together! 

 Empire Art Photography -0040-Edit.jpg

Brand Elevation : From Fearful to Fearless in Business Branding

Is fear holding you back from stepping into the spotlight of your brand?


You're not alone. "Brand Elevation : From Fearful to Fearless in Business Branding" is designed for entrepreneurs like you who want to conquer the fear of being seen. Our innovative program combines the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with transformative photography to craft a personal brand that reflects the real, confident you.


-  Break through barriers with NLP Time Line Therapy® techniques that reprogram your mindset.

-Capture the essence of your newfound confidence with a professional photoshoot. 


It's your time to shine and become the face of your business with authenticity and confidence. Let's elevate together!

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