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Personal Branding


Personal branding is so much more than a boring old headshot! In today’s digitally driven world, having a personal branding suite which goes beyond your LinkedIn profile is crucial, and even established businesses need to keep up their branding efforts. 

When I first launched Empire Art Photography, I was in the same position as most new business owners: full of passion, knowledge and energy, but short on cash. I knew getting Empire Art’s brand into the local community was essential to its success, and without the resources to hire someone, I set about learning everything I could about personal branding, marketing and how to deliver these for maximum effect myself. 10 years later, I’m an expert on personal branding and I love sharing this accumulated wealth of knowledge with my clients. One key piece of information I share with them is the distinction between a personal brand and personal branding: what you do with each is so important and vastly different.


Its more then a head shot

White Sands

Visual Brand strategy, Visual Brand audit and Personal branding though story telling. 

Having a strong personal brand is like being the Beyoncé of your own life—everyone knows what you stand for and they can't help but pay attention! Think about it: Your "brand" is essentially your career's spirit animal. It guides your every move, from Instagram selfies to boardroom presentations. Ignoring it would be like turning your back on a pot of career gold. Now, a brand audit? That's your personal "brand-check," ensuring you're still the A-list celeb in your professional circle and not accidentally sliding into one-hit-wonder territory. It's like a spa day for your reputation; a little time spent sprucing up can keep you in the limelight for years to come!

Content creation, Drone & Video

Personal branding & headshots

Your personal brand reflects how your audience and clients see and feel about you. This is the impression others have of you and is an emotional connection you build through being your true, authentic self. It’s how trustworthy you are, how clients feel about your product… even the kinds of jokes you tell! 

Personal branding is where you consciously communicate and present this personal brand to your audience and clients. It is the ‘face’ of your business product which help solidify your brand. These are the photos, logos, colour scheme, messages and ethos projected through visual and written media. This is where I come in with my team. 

We can help develop your brand at events, your location, or capture the whole team. Stand up and shine amongst your competitors in our community. 

Let me guide you through the personal brand and branding process. Whether your brand is established and you simply need a refresh or you’re just starting out, my suite of skills and knowledge will help transform your business from ‘Who are they?’ to ‘We know them!’

Let me guide you through the personal brand and branding process. Contact me today for an exciting personal brand you can be proud of. 

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