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                                         The ART of Business


Are you thinking of finally taking a leap and turning your passion into a business or moving your hobby business into a professional photography business? 


Finding a mentor who is the right fit, to show you the ropes, walk you through the tried and tested do’s and don’ts of starting up as well as fostering a sense of confidence in your abilities and getting you to harness your vision, this is how you achieve your goals rather than stumbling through blind and naïve. 


Jaya is an award-winning photographer who has been in the photography industry full-time for 20 years.  She is internationally trained and has successfully mentored the opening of 9 studios throughout Queensland.


On the back of all this success as a mentor and teacher to others she was ready to start her own studio, but life had other ideas. Struck down with major health conditions twice in a matter of years by the time she was fit and stable enough to open her own studio that momentum had gone. Not one to turn away from a challenge, after all she had just overcome the health challenge of a lifetime, she did it anyway. No money left to market her dreams she had to earn every penny and invest it back in to building her business. Now after 5 years of building her business from scratch, she has reclaimed the ART of a systemised business and personal branding and she is ready to share her knowledge, passion and experience with you.  


Jaya will teach you how to run a studio from every position; management, administration tips, photography, posing, gaining expressions, shooting to sell, sales and customer service. There is an ART to keeping a balance in your life when you embark on this journey.

Jaya has first hand experience why this is so important, and she ensures you embrace its importance while also understanding the seriousness of your decision.


Let Jaya join your journey from passion to profit, no matter where you are in the world connect with her, have that conversation and see where the opportunity leads. Schedule a FREE 30 min call to establish if Jaya can help move your business forward